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West Coast Wildflower Seed Bombs

Ideal for a random act of gardening, toss these five gumball-sized seed bombs on the ground and watch your wildflowers grow!

Plant outdoors in Spring, Summer, or early Fall. If you purchase seed bombs during Fall or Winter, just keep them somewhere cool, dark, and dry until the frost thaws.

Contains: California poppy, shasta daisy, Rocky Mountain penstemon, cornflower, Siberian wallflower, garland chrysanthemum, farewell-to-spring, plains coreopsis, sulphur cosmos, wild cosmos, African daisy, sweet William, blanket flower, baby's breath, tidy tips, mountain phlox, blue flax, sweet alyssum, annual lupine, lemon mint, red poppy, desert bluebell, Mexican hat, gloriosa daisy, none-so-pretty, prairie coneflower, and black-eyed Susan seeds.

3 x 4.5”.

$ 7.00